Since 1996 Scotty the Blue Bunny has performed his special brand of spandex-clad spectacle from Sydney, Australia to Helsinki, Finland.  In Cirkuses and Spiegeltents, Scotty has sung, fiddled, twirled, performed magic and busted really big balloons with his butt. Basically, he’s gotten a lot farther for a lot longer in a bunny suit than a person probably should.  Productions of note include: The Bindlestiff Family Circus (US), La Clique (NY,Sydney, Brighton, Edinburgh), Teatro Zinzanni’s Late Nite Cabaret (Seattle, WA), David Periera’s Trip at the Wintergarten (Berlin, DE), and 14 years hosting the New York Burlesque Festival.



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Despite the wide range of acts, it’s Scotty the Blue Bunny who inevitably steals the show with his intimidating yet lovable charm. Who, after all, doesn’t love a 46-year old gay man in a sparkly blue spandex rabbit costume and transparent stilettos?

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Terrifyingly titillating the audience…


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Very large, camp and unforgettable

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Appearing in La Clique inside The Famous Spiegeltent, Scotty the Blue Bunny (a seven-foot tall tower of shimmery spandex and attitude) recently had Sydney Festival-goers rolling in the aisles with laughter.

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 10th Anniversary of La Clique at the Edingburgh Fringe Festival 2013

I’m the Bunny


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Wicked, whimsical schtick.


Best Rodent to Have at a Party!

–The Village Voice

That *!#@’N psychotic, queeny Blue Bunny!

–HX Magazine


“I hired Scotty to be our dramaturgist for my own big show together with a whole band. Scotty did not only have to make sure the story came out clear, he also helped smoothing out all the transitions and characters. He had a very clear and fundamental vision of the whole show, and with his big knowledge in showbiz and communications skills he was able to bring all the different ideas, wishes and needs to a magical place within very limited times. Scotty did an amazing job – he brought the show to bloom! And he managed to communicate all this in a very humble and loving way. His work is very sensitive, highly professional beyond boundaries and truly revealing. I found in him a true partner in crime!” Koko La Douce, The Koko La Douce Las Vegas Country Show

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“I had created a routine that I wasn’t 100% satisfied with so I hired Scotty to help me breathe new life into it. I have to say that it was one of the best decisions I made because he was incredibly generous with his knowledge, excellent at helping me find the fluidity in the routine that I was looking for, patient, and precise when going over feedback. His ability to listen, give constructive criticism, and be an incredibly supportive coach made the sessions something that I looked forward to and I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to work with him. Not only am I in love with how the routine developed during the workshops but throughout the process it gave me better insight on how to move forward the next time I am developing an act. I would whole heartily recommend him as a coach for any level performer.” – Vixen Valentine, burlesque performer and producer.

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“Scotty the Blue Bunny is one of the most perceptive people in the business I know. He has a capability of understanding emotions and energy and how they transport between the audience and the performer. With an impressive background as both performer and host, he most certainly has the ability to put things in perspective. He sees the small things, when you are not quite sure why something is not right in your performance. Personally, I trust his knowhow and his courage to be 110% honest. He loves the performing arts and takes it very seriously. He has a strong idea of the visual narrative and can with ease spot the strong sides of a performer. I recommend this private tutoring with delight to everyone who wants to take one step forward as a performer.” -Bettie Blackheart, performer, visual artist and producer of Helsinki Burlesque-

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As a host and MC for 20 years, it’s mostly been my job to watch shows. Standing just off-stage is a unique perspective that has inspired my holistic critique of performances.  It’s extremely rewarding to bring that perspective into the workshop and rehearsal environment. I’m also a performer, so I know how critique feels.

 I’ve been in circuses, spiegeltents, street-shows, orchestras, and have hosted the major burlesque festivals for over a decade. I have a global cross-platform vocabulary to support refining your vision. 

 All levels/disciplines are encouraged to participate. I look forward to hearing from you today.



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Scotty the Blue Bunny is located in Berlin, Germany.  Thanks for visiting!


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